About Me

I come froHead Shotm an unusual background, to say the least. Born in Detroit to my yoga teacher parents who were part of the American Sikh community, childhood in New Mexico, where I lived for much of the time with my mother’s parents. High schooled in India, I returned to the United States at 17, taught yoga in my parents’ yoga studio, rebelled at 19, took off my turban (Sikhs wear turbans) and never put one on again. I collected a bachelor’s degree in Computer Animation from Florida Atlantic University, studied drawing, ceramics, sculpture and jewelry at Instituto Allende in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico which is where I taught myself to paint. I went back to FAU in 2005 for a Master’s degree in Computer Animation from the Center for Electronic Communications, taught there for a couple of semesters but quickly reverted to my love of my life, which is painting.

FOR BIO have been working in the medium of acrylic on canvas for 21 years, and specialized for awhile in large, almost colossal canvases, but was only able to sell a few major works because most people don’t have homes large enough for them.  More recently, I have been working on smaller, more easily displayed work, finally building up enough inventory to open my own Etsy shop! Just opening the shop was a major achievement; publishing this blurb about myself was another milestone for me.

I live in Delray Beach, Florida, with the other love of my life, Alan Milner, also known online as SageMerlin, who is a journalist (tellusnewsdigest.com), poet, essayist,  and website developer (he designed this one for me,) and who builds some of my canvases for me from scratch.

So, yes, I have a Etsy shop, but I created this website to let you see into the process through which I create my art. I am planning to post videos of work in progress here, so you can see exactly how these paintings get created.