Driven To Abstractions Pt 2

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that these are two of my favorite pieces.  When I was a child, I used to draw abstract shapes and fill them in with different colors. This project definitely reminded me of many happy hours spent with paper and markers in days long past.  They are truly abstract, or at least I can’t find anything concrete in them myself, but your results may differ. Fairly recent paintings, they satisfied my need to go big without doing a monumental piece by breaking up the piece into separate canvases.


Driven To Abstractions Pt 1

 We have noticed people sitting in front of these for long periods of time without realizing that they have simply stopped thinking, which is exactly what these paintings were supposed to do.  And, by the way, they aren’t supposed to hang side by side. The on the left should be higher….or is it the one on the right.  Once you own them, of course, you can hang them however you want. These paintings are acrylic on canvas. Each measures 30 x 30″.  Driven to Abstractions is bold and vibrant and will enliven any space that needs a jolt of intensity!  Buy now on Etsy

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Modern Isis

Modern Isis

Modern Isis  is a self-portrait reflecting my fascination with ancient Egypt. I portrayed myself as the goddess Isis, with her headdress and hieroglyphs in the background, but with a contemporary and abstract flair. This painting is based on the same reference photograph as Casting the Web. It is 36 x 36″ unframed, in acrylic on canvas and it is available on Etsy.



Kabuki Blues Kabuki Blues 

Kabuki Blues portrays one of the traditional male actors in a woman’s role in Japanese Kabuki theater. He stares out at the viewer with a sullen but strangely intense expression. The script in yellow to the left side of the canvas says “Beautiful Princess” in Japanese. This is a smaller painting measuring 24 x 24″ in acrylic on canvas. Please note: the actual colors of the painting are richer and more vibrant than what I was able to capture with a photo.  View on Etsy

Red Brick Sage

Red Brick Sage

is a mythical wisdom figure as a younger man, living in a crumbling world, haunted by persistent visions of things yet to come, facing the inevitable with a tired strength, knowing that pessimism that comes with advancing age. The detail in the brick wall reflects the knowledge that bridges always become walls. It was really hard to get the exact right feeling of haunted resignation.   36 x 36 in acrylic on canvas.  View on Etsy


Green Sage Green Sage 

is a portrait of the same mystic traveler who has witnessed man’s devastation of nature in tandem with the inexorable wreckage of time and aging on his own body. What happens to the Green Man of myth when the forests have been cut down and the joy is gone from life? This painting is 24 x 30″ acrylic on a heavy canvas wooden support.  (Although he looks and feels older here, this painting was actually done before Red Brick Sage.)  View on Etsy


 Maybe Johnny Depp?Johnny and Sandy

I originally did this piece as a birthday present for a friend, who was so totally besotted with Johnny Depp that I put her into the frame with him.  I liked this piece so much that  I decided to keep it and if you would like a portrait of yourself with any other person, send me reference photographs and I will do one for you. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it, but I reserve the right to sell it to someone else.  Acrylic on a lightweight stretcher 14 x 18″.   View on Etsy. 



The Dreamer

The Dreamer 24 x 48 acrylic on canvas gallery wrapped 2014

The Dreamer is a simple self-portrait which reflects me on a bed with a butterfly resting on my leg. What happens to our consciousness as we sleep? Could it be that we are like butterflies flitting around a dream world of our own invention?   The simplicity of the lines made this a comforting painting to paint.  If you look closely, you can see a family resemblance between this piece and the previous piece, Maybe Johnny Depp, in execution if not in subject matter.  This painting is acrylic on canvas and measures 24 x 48″ View on Etsy

The Eye of Infinity

Eye of Infinity

The theme of this painting is the ship of existence sailing on the world ocean. Each person encounters this theme through the unique lens of their own experiences in life. Nested black circles represent the individual eye, the world eye and the Eye of Infinity. The web motif carries over from Casting the Web. (I had some web energy left over that I had to use somewhere.  You can see the ship’s sails spreading out into an almost batlike motif. A mystery painting if there ever was one, but it’s not quite what I consider an abstract painting.  Right now this painting is hanging over our  widescreen TV, which seemed a fitting place to continue the above metaphor. Acrylic on canvas measuring 24 x 48″ View on Etsy




Daggers and OrbsDaggers and Orbs

Daggers and Orbs is obviously a geometrical abstract in which I was experimenting with lines (the daggers) and the orbs in an effort to depict the tension between wholeness and separation. It has a very science fiction-ish feel to it, almost to the point where I feel like I should write a short story based on it. It has a heavy Acrylic on canvas on a heavy weight stretcher. 24 x 30″ See it on Etsy






Dancing Squares

Dancing Squares

This was one of my first paintings after a long hiatus away from art, and it was painted as an exercise because I couldn’t think of anything else to paint.  I would put it up on a wall, and then I would take it down again because it just didn’t look finished. It wasn’t.  I looked at those regimented orderly boxes, in their randomized colors (randomizing colors isn’t easy; try it sometime) and realized that those were the boxes that we all live in, colorful little prisons.  I wanted to break out of prison. Dancing Squares is a testament to all the wage slaves fitting into their square workaday lives and dancing on the weekends! This painting measures 24 x 36″ and is acrylic on canvas.Note that the picture is a little fuzzy and slightly off center.  The painting isn’t. View on Etsy. 


Lucky GreenLucky Greens

I don’t know if there is such a thing as Lucky Greens in Mah Jong, but this paintings remind me very much of Mah  Jong tiles or drunken Chinese characters.  It was painted in stages, so there is a three dimensional layered effect that may look like it is off the cuff, but it isn’t.  

This is one of our favorite paintings, but we just don’t have any room left – having recently moved to a house with much less wall space – to display it properly, so we are putting Lucky Greens out to pasture, hoping to find a good home.  We think it would like smashing next to a large potted bamboo plant. 30 x 40″ gallery wrap 1.5″ depth canvas.  View on Etsy


Brush with Destiny 12 x 24Brush with Destiny

This piece is one of seven that currently hang on our  living room’s mirrored wall, as part of an installation.  When we moved in, we were faced with the problem of what to with the western wall of the living room, which came to us with floor to ceiling mirrors that were 12 inches wide and separated by 12 inch spaces, so I painted this series of long, narrow canvases to fill in the spaces between the mirrors.  We think the effect is stunning but, since we can’t sell you the whole wall, you might want to consider how else to use these pieces.   This one is  12 x 24 in acrylic on canvas.  View on Etsy



Nervy 12 x 24Nervy 

Nervy is actually a fanciful depiction of the ganglia of the human nervous system, with some obvious short circuits indicating the fallibility of the design factors within the human being, including some inexplicable loose ends. This painting makes me happy that I am a painter rather than a neurosurgeon and, once again, it reminds me of a Mah Jong tile. (By the way, I’ve never played Mah Jong, don’t even know how.) This is another one of our “mirror wall” pieces. When these sell, I am going to have to do a whole new set.  24 x 12 acrylic on canvas. View on Etsy




Southwest Motif 12 x 24

Southwestern Motif 

This one was originally called “Southwestern Blues,” but Sage perspicaciously pointed out that there was no blue anywhere on the canvas, which made the title more than slightly confusing.  This is, however, definitely a Southwestern motif, with Native American symbols for snakes, tepees, and even a kokopelli. (I grew up partly in New Mexico, so have some connection to this art style. There’s even a family rumor that we are part Native America, something a DNA test proved inaccurate…but the feeling’s still there.)  This is another one of my “mirror wall” paintings.  (When we get around to it, we’re going to shoot a video of the whole wall. It really is something.)  24 x 12 acrylic on canvas.  View on Etsy.



Ancient Mysteries 12 x 36

Ancient Mysteries

Another one of my “mirror wall” paintings, this one also elicits thoughts about the Southwestern United States,  The sandstone hued background with the stark black lined foreground evokes (for me, at least) ancient cave paintings and more contemporary sand sculptures such as those you find throughout Mexico, where I studied art for two years.  Meant to serve as a companion piece for Southwestern Motif, these are two aspects of the same desert aesthetic, sparse, mysterious (hence the title), rough edged, deep.  This is 36  x 12 (long and narrow to fit between the intervening mirrors on the wall) and is acrylic on canvas. (Please note however that Ancient Mysteries and Southwest Motif are NOT the same size even though they were designed to pair.)That little bit of color on the lower right side edge of the canvas is an anomaly. It does not exist on the actual canvas and I have no idea where it came from.   View on Etsy



Red Sun Bliss 12 x 36Red Sun Bliss 

This is another “mirror wall” painting, also in the Southwestern spirit, but this one has a certain king of oceanic feeling, with saw teeth that might be the teeth of a shark, or shark fins slicing through the water, a design more common to the Pacific Northwest. The  golden red hues also suggest the merger of the desert and the seacoast feelings.  Also 36 x 12, this piece was done to serve as a companion piece for the warmer Green Goddess ( below.)  Although they are part of the “mirror wall” series, these two pieces, like Southwestern Motif and  Ancient Mysteries , really belong together so, if you have the room, I will discount the pair if you write to me with a request because I really would like to keep them together. View on Etsy





Green Goddess 12 x 36Green Goddess

Okay, I admit it.  There’s no great forethought employed in this piece.  I just wanted to paint something that would offset the strong reds  in Red Sun Bliss, so the cool greens of the Green Goddess could be viewed as a palate cleansing intermezzo but, if you look closely, you will see that there’s a blush of color behind the greens and blacks that might remind you of the red sister painting, so there was some forethought after all (although, honestly, I only see the forethought afterward.) No, on second thought, it turns out that the reddish blush isn’t really there at all.  It was contributed by some inadvertent solar glare hitting the lens of the camera at an inopportune time. But, hey, if you like that effect, I can add it in for you. 12 x 36 acrylic on canvas.  View on Etsy




4th of July 48 x 48

Fourth of July

The Fourth of July was all about fireworks and cotton candy but, as you get older, you realize that there is something more serious going on.  The Fourth of July is as much about loss and sacrifice as it is about celebration, and the main difference seems to be that, if you have never lost anyone in war, it’s fireworks and cotton candy but, if you have, it is all about remembrance.  In this piece, I tried to combine that sense of fireworks and cotton candy, with the more serious attributes of the American flag.  I think of this as a happy piece, but a seriously happy piece.  A large canvas, 48 by 48, acrylic.  View on Etsy


Haiku for You 48 x 48Haiku for You

This one is a sort of inside out commentary on the Fourth of July. The earthy tones of dark, spilled blood contrast with the patriotic bright red of Fourth of July, but there are also some remnants of the Southwestern Motif to be found here. Also 48 x 48 in, acrylic on canvas, this piece, like many minimalist paintings, requires a larger than average viewing area to be seen properly. It’s not a close up painting. View on Etsy





Stained Class 24 x 24Stained Glass 

At just 24 x 24, this is a smaller piece, acrylic on canvas, that is designed to fit into a wide variety of modern decors. The inspiration for this piece comes from the doodles I used to do with crayon on paper when I was bored in class, which was quite often. I get a sense of liquidity from this piece that makes me feel like it would look good near a water view. One of my quilting patters. SOLD


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Gold Leaf 24 x 24

Gold Leaf 

If you look closely, squint, and use a little imagination, you might realize that this is pretty much the same painting as Stained Glass, with a different color scheme and an overall bronze gloss.  It really isn’t the same sketch, but they were done at the same time as part of a series. 24 x 24 acrylic on canvas.  Another quilting pattern piece. View on Etsy




Swirly 24 x 24


This 24 x 24 acrylic on canvas doesn’t look like the swirlygig patterns from Early American quilt patterns until you zoom in really closely on the model, when the threads become more obvious.  It gets even more obvious if you turn the quilt over to see the stitching pattern.  Not really one of my quilting patterns.  No one would ever make a quilt that would look like this, but it seems to carry its own energy with it.  View on Etsy



Maritime Fantasy 36 x 36


This is a somewhat larger (36 x 36) piece that tows the line between the normal look and feel of acrylic paint, and the pastel effects I was attempting for this study. (It is however all acrylic.) If the title of the piece doesn’t make sense to you, think about what it looks like under the water looking up.  I was also experimenting with variable light sources for this piece.  Not yet on Etsy.  Will be priced at $495.



Liquid Exuberance 36 x 36


Another 36 x 36 entry into the category of water inspired pieces, this also shares the same bronzed undertones that characterize these pieces.  (I am afraid this category may have run its course; I ran out of the rare and expensive bronze paint.  You can see that in the next piece, below.)   Not yet on Etsy, it will be priced at $495.





Chaos is Fun

Chaos is Fun

..or at least  it sometimes seems that way.  This is one in a series of three shields that I did earlier this year to tell a story about conflict and resolution.  This one is about conflict, and the title is quite ironic. Chaos is usually not fun.  This image is my interpretation of what conflict feels like from the inside out.  This oval measures 24 x 36 and is acrylic on heavyweight canvas.  The frame is also heavyweight, and we don’t recommend trying to put this item in a frame because the frame would run you some bucks and we would rather you spend your hard earned money on the art, not the frame. And, no, the easel doesn’t come with the canvas. View on Etsy


Opposites Attract

 Opposites Attract

Oh, how true that is….and often not in a good way but, in this case, there is a reconciliation going on as the elements that were at war with each other in Chaos is Fun (above) begin to establish common bonds that lead to the end of conflict.  Also 24 x 36, acrylic on canvas.  These really aren’t designed to hang together, even though they tell a compelling story…or at least I think they do. This problem one of my least challenging paintings, unless you are queasy about octopus, but I did think that the octopus is the perfect symbol for reconciliation.  Think of all the hugs you get with that many arms. (Yes, I know they don’t have the same number of arms.  Interspecies relationship.  View on Etsy


Maiden Shield

Maiden Shield Reconciliation

We have a disagreement here about the proper title for this piece. I called it Maiden Shield because it was intended to represent the feminine factor in the resolution of warring factions. (We had just seen Divergent when I did this piece.)  This piece has  a harmony that feels almost spherical by comparison with the previous two.  Of course, each piece should (and does, I think) stand on its own, but it would be really interesting to see them hanging together.   24 x 36 acrylic on canvas. View on Etsy

shiva and devi

Shiva and Devi 

Shiva and Devi is a portrait of my mother Devi with the god Shiva. She lovingly reaches for him as he supports her back in return.. They stand on a fanciful solar orb and are bathed in the clouds.

This acrylic on canvas painting measures 24 x 36″ but includes the frame shown on the Etsy version of this image, which will make the overall dimensions a few inches larger. View on Etsy.